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vsphere data protection 6.1.1 deployment cycle

I am deploying vSDP 6.1.1 to use to back up just a few lab vm's and when deploying i complete the import process and power on the vm.  From there i go through the setup wizard and then add my back up location. The process completes and asks me to reboot the appliance so i do so.  After it boots back up it takes me straight back to the set up wizard as if i never completed it. If i continue through the process, i get to the add the back up disks and it tells me the appliance already has them attached.  I have never seen this behavior before and was wondering what others have seen.

I know vSDP is not the best but it is free for this test lab for employees and will have a minimal work load.
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VDP is not really free, you pay for it as part of the license, you are correct it's rubbish.

We have seen this issue many times, storage is too slow, and it's not completing the configuration.

If you want a much better solution which works, which is also free up to 1TB of backup, then you could also try Unitrends Backup.



Went with the link for testing.