2x 2012 R2 physical boxes. Cannot connect to iSCSI target


I have 2 physical boxes on the same home network. Both can ping each other and i have killed firewall to prove out.

On hyper-v-01 i have added the iSCSI feature and created one target. I take the Target IQN and using that from hyper-v-02 i use 'quick connect', add the ip address but get an error "No targets available for login using quick connect".

I cannot find what it means. Any pointers here?

Thank you.
Jason ThomasAsked:
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is one an iscsi server, what is its local ip?
What is the local ip of the VM that needs. To access that iscsi resource?

Instead of quick connect, use the iscsi took to actually see whether iscsi target are offered?
Did you make sure the hyper-v02 is allowed access to the target?
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Are you trying to PING by IP or by FQN ?
You can try add hyper-v-01 name with IP to Host file in hyper-v-02 and then check.
Jason ThomasAuthor Commented:
Hi Arnold. I actually fixed this myself yesterday. I realised i hadn't assigned access to the incoming nodes. I'm assigning you the points because despite the problem already have been resolved, you still nailed the answer in your response. Thank you.
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