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asad ansari
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i have connected 2 computer trough lan 1 pc has window server 2003 and other 1 has windows xp when i want to conect xp through \\\d$ it shows that no network provider accepted the given network path
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Have you confirmed that the server is on that IP?

If so, does C$ work?

Are you using domain admin credentials?

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This is called Administrative Share.

1. Please make sure that both computer and server using same subnet 192.168.1.xx
2. Please make sure you can PING server from workstation  (use CMD then PING
3. Please make sure you're using Server local administrator for this connection. If server has DC role, make sure you're logon on workstation as Domain Admin
4. Please make sure that D drive letter is assigned to one of available drives on Server
5. On Server go to Computer Manager / Shared Folders and make sure that D$ share is listed

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Use a command line to map the drive.   net use T: \\\d$

What numerical error do you get?  It could a connection error or a permission error.
David SpigelmanPresident / CEO

Is there actually a D: drive on the XP machine?
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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Best solution provided, no more other question from author

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