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Hello Guys,

I've got a question about public folders in Exchange 2016 environment.
When I try to create a public folder and give myself permissions I can't find it back in my Outlook client. In OWA the public folder is visible but not in my Outlook.
I've used CTRL+6 to see all folders but still cant see my Public Folder.

So my question is where can I find my recent created public folder? And is it also possible to link an e-mail adress to the public folder?
Aaron MensinkAsked:
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You mean an old style public folder, which are depreciated since Exchange 2013 or a shared Mailbox?

For a public folder, I just would wait a while until everything is completely synchronized...
Shared mailboxes has explicitly added to the profile.

See this topic about updating the folder hierarchy...

On the same page, you see a topic to mail enable a public folder.
Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
Do this in your outlook, I dont know which version you got but it's the same methodology.

1-  In the right panel at the bottom you will see three dots or maybe some saying folders.
2- You will see an Inbox called Public Folders
3- Expand all public folders, drag your folder and move it to your inbox or added to your favorites.

viktor grantExchange ServersCommented:
HI Aaaron,

It is a new environment or have you migrated Public folder?

If you have migrated public folders, it can be that Public Folders on the new servers are not assigned to the mailbox databases.

Check the following link:

viktor grantExchange ServersCommented:
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