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Junedi Rajagukguk
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Dear Experts,

I'm a final year student majoring in Computer Engineering and currently my team and  i are looking for title for our last project, which topics are IoT, Networking, Cloud computing, and Embeded. but we prefer in Networking and IoT.
Can you help me to get an appropriate Title.
Thank U

in advanced
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as you do not describe more details of the single topics, which may give an idea of the major topic of your work, I can give you only a more generic recommendation.
You may choose the title always from the readers perspective. The title should attract a potential reader to be interested in your work.
As all 4 keywords may be connected to each other or even not (i.e IoT can be connected to cloud services but need not necessarily to be,  but always is connected to a kind of networking), I would rather select a title from the content of your work rather than to choose such generic word as your keywords above.
The length doesn't play a role in my mind, at least not for a students work.
For a book it is different due to the space on the cover....
Think about what title would attract yourself to read your work....Or you may choose a short title with a longer subtitle, which explains what you are talking about...

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