Cisco 5506-x asa v9.6(1) adsm 7.6(1) Setup Dual ISP's

I had this question after viewing PIX 515, Dual ISPs, and dual global NAT statements.  

i have read that the ASA can"t support dual ISP's  except for  failover from one to the other. However the cisco ASA 5506-x has new firmware starting at v9.4.1. that states PBR (Policy Based routing)  is a new feature, however, I also read that it doesn't work.

 My Lab 5506-x died so I can't test. and don't want to test on a production unit.  What i want to do is very common.   I have two VLans and I want to route one vlan through ISP1 and the other through ISP2.   I have attached a network topology.  Has anyone had any success and if so can you please share your config settings and commands.

Vlan 1     =  Inside     ( /24 ) - Eth 0/2
Vlan 100 = Phones  ( /24)          - Eth 0/3
ISP1 = outside    –   ( /24)      - Eth 0/1
ISP2 =  outside2 –  ( /29)  - Eth 0/8

Thank you for any help on this, the ASA 5506-x with Licenses is not cheap so this a bummer.

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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultantCommented:
The answer to your questions pretty simple: It does not work.

If you want two inside nets to use two different isp:s you need to have two default routes and PBR will not work. The "dual isp" feature is for plain failover/redundancy.

Maybe you should concider running two virtual contexts in the firewall instead?
vanyabAuthor Commented:
thank you Jimmy I will look into virtual contexts.  From what I read on the new feature is was suppose to be able to route based on a multitude of criteria on being able to route on Source address .

Thanks again
I have PBR configured on a 5512-X with specific hosts going out one ISP and the remaining going out the other. Believe was running version 9.6.x
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vanyabAuthor Commented:
Thanks it is doable you had success.  I have ver 9.6.1, although I'm a newbie on PBR  can you post some of your running-config so I can reverse engineer.  
also do you shred the guitar...cause buckethead is awesome.

Here it is. There was not inter-vlan routing being done at the ASA level, it was being done on the Core and then a transit vlan between the core and ASA. So which ever subnet you want to set next hop to go out the second ISP, you need to apply the policy map to that inside interface. You can also put deny statements above the permit in the ACL if there are some in that subnet that you do not want to route out ISP2, or build ranges, object-groups, etc. Let me know if you have any questions. And Yes Buckethead is awesome.

interface gig 0/0
 description ISP1
 nameif Outside_1
 security-level 0
 ip address

int gig 0/1
 description ISP2
 nameif Outside_2
 security-level 0
 ip address

int gig 0/2
 description Inside
 nameif Inside
 security-level 100
 policy-route route-map PBR-MAP

object network SUBNET_TO_ROUTE_TO_ISP2

object network obj-any

access-list ISP2_PBR_ACL extended permit ip object SUBNET_TO_ROUTE_TO_ISP2 any

object network SUBNET_TO_ROUTE_TO_ISP2
 nat (inside,outside_2) dynamic interface
object network obj-any
 nat (inside,outside_1) dynamic interface

route-map PBR-MAP permit 10
 match ip address ISP2_PBR_ACL
 set ip next-hop

route Outside_1 1
route Outside_2 10

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vanyabAuthor Commented:
Thank you pointed me in the right direction.  Now I just have to get my Lab 5506 back from Cisco to being testing.  not gonna be here until the 20.   Will let you know how I made out

Thanks again ....have a great day

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