Is possible convert html to outlook msg?

I would like to know if is possible convert html email to msg outlook?

im working with PHP

any ideas?
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
I've never heard about software for converting html to msg but if you do have Outlook on same computer just open new message, copy html from browser and paste it to new message.
You can address it or not then go to File - save as and save as name.msg

You can use HTML in an email you create in Outlook.

Whether the recipient will receive the HTML is another matter - most corporates / security concious businesses block all HTML in emails, and force them to plain text, so I would advise against getting fancy, and stick with plain text that will look good to the recipient no matter what, but you can certainly do it.

Julian HansenCommented:
Explain what you mean by convert?

You can send HTML messages to Outlook - what is it you are wanting to do?
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Why you've requested to delete this question without explanation ? Did you've used any of our suggestions ?
PLCITSAuthor Commented:
Sorry I tried to modify my question, well I have the emails information already in MySQL  

table columns

From, To, CC, Subject, Body ( html) and mime

so I would to convert that information in email (msg) with out send mail by mail  because something we need to recovered and  send many emails from our database but is really hard send 1 by 1 so I tried to convert maybe in msg and attach all of them and send at once

any suggestion?
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