Since IE is not friendly with Hotmail - Outlook mail what browsers are friendly?

nickg5 used Ask the Experts™
The best one seems to be Google. Opera runs out of memory and has to be reloaded. Most of the time it reloads quickly. The new FF is not working well with these Microsoft mail programs with the new spinning thingy at the top. The worst one is IE.
I guess I could use incognito and have both e-mail accounts open using Google.

What other browsers could work well with Hotmail dot com?

Windows 7 and we plan to bypass Windows 10 for the next one after 10. Unless we find a good deal on a Windows 10 system from a business or an individual.
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RaminTechnical Advisor
Are you using new Hotmail GUI. it's beta and  you can revert back to regular version by switching back the Try the beta toggle.

Chrome and IE are fine on my PC, try them without any plug-ins,  and clear your Browsers Cache.

I am not having any Hotmail / issues with IE, Edge, or FireFox (although IE is now getting long in the tooth of course and I don't use it very often).

As Ramin noted above - if you are using the beta, then revert back if it is giving you problems.

If you are on Win7 still, then you won't have Edge as an option, so I'd stick with FireFox.  You can, and I do, use incognito mode to open two logins to various sites (Gmail, and both work fine like this).

FireFox will also allow you to 'ring fence' tabs such that you could log in multiple times to a single site with different IDs without using incognito mode:

FireFox Multi-Account Containers

Not sure, but I would imagine this will come at the expense of more memory usage, but FireFox is so light now (at least compared to Chrome which is a real memory hog), that it probably won't matter.

Not sure what the next version of Windows you are waiting for will be - It is all Win10 from here on (or until they change their minds again!)

I sell off old corporate Win10 Pro licensed (originally Win7 Pro, then upgraded for free so valid Win10 Pro licenses now) ex-lease machines (64Bit, 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD Writer, 17" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse) for around NZ$60 (about £30) - if you are still on Win7, might be worth looking around wherever you are, and upgrading if only for the security factors and ability to move from IE to Edge.

Hope that helps,

Kyle SantosSoftware Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes
I use Chrome profiles to be able to be logged into multiple emails at once.
Profile A is logged into work gmail.
Profile B is logged into personal gmail.

Also, I don't think the browsers are entirely to blame for poor performance from Outlook.  Its a poor client to try and use on any browser in my opinion.
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Top Expert 2016
we plan to bypass Windows 10 for the next one after 10. You will be waiting a long time as Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is the last version of the operating system. There will only be incremental upgrades to the base OS

Like with apple there will not be an osx XI
Hi Nick,

As per my post above, and David's immediately before this, Microsoft have said there will be no Windows 11 - It is just version of Windows 10 from here on.

Redstone 4 / 5 / ... 583 will all be versions of Win10.

That is until the marketing people change their minds (or more likely, get changed, and feel the need to do something, anything, to show they matter), at which point they will release Windows One (my prediction!)

Not using any new version of Hotmail. When we might access the mail program using the link top left MSN dot com or in the address bar enter or (it does not matter) all versions are the same we've had for along time.

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