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PowerPoint via the web?

I have a PowerPoint presentation and need people with a Mac to use it. So I thought that Office.com could help.

Is this website only where I can DOWNLOAD PowerPoint? Or can I RUN PowerPoint presentations on Office.com?

The version of this PowerPoint file is recent, within the last few years.

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Office.com is lots of things, amongst which includes access to your cloud-saved documents. Assuming you have an Office 365 account, you can use File / Save As / OneDrive to save your document to the cloud and then share it by visiting Office.com, logging in, locating your file and then clicking the Share button. Or use File / Share directly within PowerPoint to do the same.

Alternatively, Mac users can use Office:mac to view PowerPoint content you share with them or import it using Keynote.
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I totally forgot! I run PP on MY Mac.

I think that's the solution. Thanks.
Just to add a bit of info, the nice thing is, if you share your files via OneDrive, users can click the link you send them and open the file in PowerPoint Online, which is basically PowerPoint running your file in a browser. And that's free. So they shouldn't even need to have PowerPoint proper.

They can also download PowerPoint apps on their phones and tablets, etc. The apps are also free. That said, the apps use the model where you may need to pay for a subscription to Office to access certain features. Those are only needed if you're creating files, though, not viewing. (And all the basic features are free. The pay-for features are not basic features, so you may not even need to pay for a subscription in order to create basic presentations, either.)