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Raid upgrade from Raid 1to 5 without data loss

Hello experts can you guys please advise me I have scenario I need to add more disk space to File server, The file server is a VM on Hyper-V host, Hyper-V host has 2TB X 4 HDD's with RAID 1, so we get 2TB for backup and 2TB for system which has server 2012 r2 host with role of Hyper-V it has two VM's a DC1 and File Server, can you guys please help me how can i move over to Raid 5 or 6 without losing data and my VMs machines.
Yasir Arfat
Yasir Arfat
1 Solution
Michael PfisterCommented:
Brand/model of RAID controller? Check if the controller is capapble of migrating RAID levels.
Anyway this can be risky business. Make sure you have a good backup.
Taras ShvedStorage EngineerCommented:
If there is an option to avoid changing RAID level in-place I would recommend to stick to it.

1) Move all the data to a temporary location, rebuild the RAID to a desired configuration and migrate all the data back. Any other option is a playing with fire, unless you already have a recent backup or another copy of data in a separate location.

2) A partial way might be to move only the backups, delete the RAID1 for backups and remove one of the drives from system RAID1 and create a RAID5 of 3 freed drives. Migrate the data to it and add the last 4th drive to existing RAID5 volume (if controller supports it).

For RAID6 you have to go the first path anyways.
Yasir ArfatJunior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
How about if I add Synalogy NAS and use windows server's 2012 r2 iSCSI target option so that's how I can increase the disk space I guess please advise
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Well, if you can afford a NAS device then you can just redirect your data to it or map the share from it via iSCSI to your vms.
Yasir ArfatJunior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for help
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