Windows File Explorer closes automatically (on several servers)

Running Windows Server's 2012 R2 with all the latest updates. All of these servers in question are terminal servers. The number off users on these terminal servers are very low, between 3 and 12 users. The servers are virtual on VMware platform. From time to time the users experience that that the file explorer window close. I checked the Event Viewer right after a user reported the problem, but I could not find any items in the log that would indicate any related problem.

Anyone have a clue about what this problem can be?
Tomas BjervedIT ConsultantAsked:
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

What frequency the issue occurs? when did the issue started? if you know the approx date of issue, then check the installed windows updates onto the server, and see if any of the updates installed during the time frame? If so, uninstall the updates from 1 server and see if that resolves the issue?

If this issue occurs on daily basis, when happens when you perform gpupdate /force is the explorer crash as soon as you trigger this command? if so, probably related to GPO.
Tomas BjervedIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I'm  not sure how often it occure, sometimes it can occure several times in a day, then it can be a few days without any problem. I am not sure exactly for how much time this has been going on, but more than 3 months. It is impossible to figure out what update was installed in advance of this issue.

I did a test with the gpupdate /force command, at that time I had 3 explorer windows open, 2 of these was on network path, while on was local on the server. The 2 folder on the network path closed and I also got  a message in the CMD window stating:

Updating policy...

Computer Policy update has completed successfully.
User Policy update has completed successfully.

The following warnings were encountered during user policy processing:

The Group Policy Client Side Extension Folder Redirection was unable to apply on
e or more settings because the changes must be processed before system startup o
r user logon. The system will wait for Group Policy processing to finish complet
ely before the next startup or logon for this user, and this may result in slow
startup and boot performance.

For more detailed information, review the event log or run GPRESULT /H GPReport.
html from the command line to access information about Group Policy results.

Certain user policies are enabled that can only run during logon.

I did the same on another server where this problem occure, but no windows closed on this server, and no error messages eighter. So on the server where I got the message I will look closer into this, but I'm not sure what can be the issue on the other server.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Looks folder re-direction is causing the issue. Do you have scheduled overnight reboot of the RDS? if so, will it also clear the locally cached profiles from the server?

How many DC's have in the network? have you noticed any replication issues between the DC's?
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Tomas BjervedIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
On one domain where the windows closed upon running the GPUPDATE /FORCE, nothing happened this time when I ran the command again. And yes, this server did reboot this morning. We only have 1 DC (its all virtual on Simplivity, so we have full backup every hour).

But the users inform me that this keep happening from time to time. So is there something that can be done to prevent this from happening, the unexpected closing of the File Explorer windows that is.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Not aware of any known issues of file explorer crash. Could you reset the winsock on an affected TS and see if it make any difference?

netsh winsock reset

PS - Note down all the IP details in the n/w card properties, in case if this didn't added automatically after the reset, you need to enter the same details manually. Also, do this after no peak hours.

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Tomas BjervedIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I did a reset of the winsocket, so far its good. I will let it pass some more days of testing before I conclude that this was the actual solution.
Tomas BjervedIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
After I resat the winsocket the problem has not occured. It has been almost 2 weeks without this problem, so I think it's safe to say that this is what solved the issue.
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