Office 365 can I use portal to read mail in shared mailbox


I know how to access a shared mailbox by opening another mailbox when I have permissions and all works fine.

But is it possible to check mail if I login directly to the shared mailbox.

I have managed to login to the mailbox, but it has no tiles, only store?  i.e. mail is the one I want.

Do I have to give it a licence?

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terrybuck9Author Commented:

I know how to do that, but I have dozens of people that I want to give occasional access to the shared mailbox, and I don't want to give them the permissions.

I guess the answer is to use a normal mailbox and a licence.

thanks Terry
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Login in directly is not supported and against the license agreement. Yes, it is possible, but you should not be doing it. Use the "open another mailbox" functionality from a licensed mailbox or similarly, use the "Add shared folder..." functionality.
terrybuck9Author Commented:
The best way would be to use a normal mailbox with a licence.
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