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Windows 10 Installation Missing Driver

rblevow asked
Attempting a clean install of Windows 10 on Dell XPS 8900 from MS iso image on DVD.  This is the system as delivered from Dell; nothing exotic.  Installer reports missing driver for HD, DVD, or USB but with no info what device.  Nothing I have tried provides the required driver.  I found a couple of files in X:\Panther\Logs that may have more info but don't know how to interpret them.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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CESNetwork Administrator

I suggest downloading and running Dell Command Update.  This tool provides the service tag to Dell and downloads/installs all relevant drivers and updated drivers.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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The log has a ton of information, probably mostly extraneous.

Does the machine run?  If so, look in Device Manager and tell us what driver.  If not (that is, will not install) maybe the image is not matched to the machine.
RaminTechnical Advisor

Make sure your Hard Disk is attached to SATA 0 port (Blue).

Make sure your Optical Drive is also connected to SATA 4 port (Black).

Make sure RAID mode in BIOS is Disabled.

Try to install Windows again and test.
rblevowProfessor (retired)


Ramin, This seems reasonable but didn't change anything.  I replugged the connections for the hard disk and CDRom as suggested and made sure RAID was off in BIOD.  Setup still fails reporting "Unable to convert ARC path [MULTI(0)DISK(0)CDROM(0)] to NT path."

John, Yes, the system is running Windows 7 okay, though there are some issues with the installation that I hope to render irrelevant by installing Win 10.

CES, Ran Dell Command Update.  Don't see how updating current installation could help with problem on clean install of Win 10 but ran it anyway.  It failed on an Application Error, GUI-UVM15, components, No components found to process.  Very curious.
RaminTechnical Advisor

Can you TRY to set BIOS to UEFI mode instead of legacy mode and retry.
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since you are trying a clean install, use the mediacreator tool and do a fresh install :
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None of the suggestions solved the problem.  I finally found a description on the Dell Support site of the process for running the install from the iso image within the existing Windows 7 install.  Couldn't do it directly form the iso file but extracted it and ran setup.exe.  Figured (correcctly) that this would eliminate any driver issues.  Worked like a charm!
rblevowProfessor (retired)


It worked and none of the other suggestions helped.