What is the meaning of each of the columns in the Watchguard Fireware Web UI Traffic Monitor

I am trying to create a policy to enable/block specific traffic that my T30-W is handling. I haven't been able to find a good answer as to what each column in the Traffic Monitor means.
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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Here's the list of fields for traffic:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Permission
  • src_ip
  • dst_ip
  • pr (i.e. protocol)
  • src_port
  • dst_port
  • src_intf
  • dst_intf
  • msg
  • pckt_len
  • ttl
  • policy
  • proxy_action
  • proc_id
  • rc
  • src_ip_nat
  • src_port_nat
You can actually see these if you go to File -> Settings -> Show Log Field Names
trafficMonFields.pngNote that different log entries will have different fields but I assume the traffic log entries is what you're wanting to know about.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If you post a screenshot, we might be able to answer even without having access to a WatchGuard.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
This may be useful if you are referring to the Dashboard and System Status pages in the monitor UI
User guide has been handy too
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Info provided.
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