How can I edit my text field box in an Adobe Acrobat Form, to include the empty space below it?

I created a form in Microsoft Word, then converted it to Adobe PDF.

Here is how the form appears in edit form:

Edit Attendance Form
Here is what the user will see when filling out the form:

Fillable Attendance Form
The problem with the form, is "Missed 1 meeting" is actually 2 fields (Missed 1 meeting 1 and Missed 1 meeting 2", instead of one field.  

I would like only 1 field for "Missed 1 meeting", with the "text box" wrapping around to the "beginning" of the second line.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help!
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eemmpphAuthor Commented:
I click on Tools, Forms, Edit.
Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
You cannot edit a pdf file directly. Please use this online link to edit the pdf file.
eemmpphAuthor Commented:
I am editing the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional.  It does allow me to make the box field smaller, larger, etc.
eemmpphAuthor Commented:
My Adobe Professional software allows me to edit PDF's, including editing text and removing existing text.
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