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Fix for Microsoft update on Windows 10

I am working on an HP Envy desktop for a client that is less than 6 months old. A week ago it decided not to connect to the internet wirelessly . I did my normal troubleshooting with the router and computer resets, router removal, drive removal, firewall, command prompt efforts creating a new IP address, public DNS, netsh Winsock, etc. No matter what I did I could not connect so I hooked up a usb wireless adapter. The adapter found the router however it would not connect to the internet no matter what I did. I then connected the desktop to the router via an Ethernet cable. Still no success. Finally I contacted HP support and they walked me through everything that I had already done without success and then booted me up to their "pay for service" department. After challenging the tech regarding paying for this he told me that the problem was due to a MS update that blocked the internet completely on some computers with Windows 10. He said that he had a fix but of course the fee was $50 up front and then $15 a month for a year. I don't understand where they get off telling a customer who is still under warranty to pay even if it was a result of a Microsoft error. I said no and researched his reply and found it to be true however I haven't found any fixes. When HP or Microsoft uncovered this problem they could have easily notified customers to tell them if they had the problem "here is the fix". Instead they let me spend hours troubleshooting and then want to charge me for the fix. I have rolled back the computer only to have it repeat the problem.
Can anyone shed some light on the fix for this? Thank you for any input.
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Find the newest driver for the Wireless card and download it. Remove the Wireless card via Device Manager (not any other method). Shut down (power off), start up and install the new driver. Does it connect now?
I had same problem on my son computer and I've set permanent IP address with mask, gateway and DNS on his NIC and problem has gone.
I did not installed Microsoft fix since there is no difference for me if he has dynamic or permanent IP.
You can try for yourself.
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I'm not sure if this can fix the issue but it worth trying.

Open a Command Prompt as Admin and type:

net user administrator /active:yes

log off from your current user account and log on with Administrator account.

now check the WIFI status and let us know the result.

if that didn't help just log off with Administrator account.  log on with your account.
Open a Command Prompt as Admin and type:
net user administrator /active:no
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Thanks to all for the responses.
John,[ I have already done the driver thing 3 or 4 times.  
PGM54, Thanks for that link. I won't be on the computer until tomorrow morning but I will definitely give this a shot.
Tom, I honestly thought about that and actually gave it a half hearted try just by guessing for a static IP. I don't know what the carrier restrictions are for  but I will find out. I have never really created a static IP address. I've previously only had them issued to me and then implemented them.  Could I pull the IP address off of another unit that can connect and go from there? Right now I'm pulling a 169. 254 IP address which of course means I'm not getting through to the DHCP server. (Also, the 169 IP is one of the prereqs for running PGM54's link fix.)
Ramin, this to will be attempted tomorrow morning.

You have no idea how much I appreciate your help guys. I really needed some hope for a repair.
Please keep us posted - thanks.
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I plan on trying all suggestions tomorrow and I can assure you that I will let all of you know what the results were.
Thanks again for your help and I'll talk to you tomorrow afternoon.
Also consider contacting HP and returning the computer. It is under warranty. Tell them it does not work.
What is the model no of the HP desktop?
Just as an additional aid to troubleshooting, if you have a spare USB wireless adaptor or one you can borrow, to see if internet connect is then established. Also can try hardwired Ethernet connection via RJ45 cable if possible...
Thanks Mike but that was one of the first things I tried wireless adapter first and then the Ethernet. That basically confirmed to me that it was a configuration issue and not a hardware issue.
Jackie, the model is an Envy 750-something.
That machine has ample specification to run Windows 10 properly so it continues not to work, return it under warranty.
OK guys, here's what happened today. I downloaded the Microsoft Update "fix" that PGM554 suggested. Unfortunately it would not install and I got the error that "this update is not applicable on this computer".  I have attached a snapshot of the page that I was directed to which only gave me 3 options. As you can see in the snapshot the only thing you see is x64 for the one I needed however at the end of the attempted install the end of the link displays AMD64.  You don't see that until after the attempted install.
Am I missing something here or reading things into this that shouldn't be?  

After that fiasco and waste of time (thanks Microsoft)  I tried to do what I was unsuccessful at on Tuesday which was going to a static IP but this time I followed Tom's advice and his suggestions and I was finally able to connect. Thank you Tom.
My only question now is the lease on the current IP address. Does anyone know what happens when the lease expires? Is a new IP address issued or is the current IP lease just extended. Regardless, I plan on calling the client's carrier and have them issue a static IP if I can't come up with the right download fix.

The AMD thing just doesn't make any sense to me but maybe it does to one of you guys. If so please let me know. I am going to continue to research because I feel that would be the best solution if there is a fix out there. I will let you know what I find, if anything at all and if you catch anything please let me know.
At least my client is back in business and I sincerely do thank every one of you for your input.
And Liv21 I didn't have time to run your suggestion but I'm saving it in my troubleshooting file because I know I will need it. It has always been  an issue that I wanted to know but didn't take the time to do it. Thank you very much
And John the warranty thing won't work. I tried it and  they said that since it wasn't a hardware issue it doesn't fall under warranty. Thanks though.
current IP lease just extended.
Thanks for the quick response Jackie. That's exactly what I needed.
I'll probably call the client's carrier just to see what they charge per month. I just didn't want them to get blind sided by a change before I could do something and I doubt if they would support her if there was a problem because she is not following their particular protocol. I can't imagine it being too expensive. Hopefully I can dig up the Microsoft fix for the problem though which won't make this necessary.
I really do appreciate your response.
While all who contributed had excellent input Tom's suggestion was the one that got me out of the jam so that I could move on. While I had tried his method prior to his suggestion, I didn't do it properly. Fortunately by following his step by step guidelines I was able to get it to work. Tom was also able to provide info on other questions that I had related to the repair.
Every one of the techs who responded to my question provided excellent input, some that I had already tried and some that I tried after their suggestion. The bottom line is that I appreciated every comment whether it worked or not because I know that they were all sincere in trying to resolve the problem for me. I couldn't ask for anything more and I hope that I am able to return the favor sometime.
marvinwayne You are very welcome. It was pleasure to help you and I'm glad you've resolved your issue.