Prepare statement failing when using a command line argument for date value

I am executing my script on the command line with parameter ('?')  values for $firstday and $lastday.  I am passing values sysdate-60 and sysdate for these 2 values of '?'  These values are called from a oracle database function of a DATE datatype.  But the script is failing with on a non-numeric character found on  '?'.   When I run the SELECT query by itself on the database, it works and returns rows.

Is the way I have written the prepare statement in call a database function date parameter,  the issue?

My prepare and bind/execute statements are:

my ($db, $user, $pw, $wkdir, $firstday, $lastday)  = @ARGV;
my $gen_text = $dbh->prepare(qq(SELECT col1, col2, col3  FROM region WHERE status = 'Y' and partition_key = (Select common.get_region('REGION',?, ?) from dual)))
                  								or die("Could not get data from table '$_'".DBI->errstr);


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Jan SpringerCommented:
Have you tried to escape the "?" with a backslash "\"?
steve2312Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion.  I did try to use the backslash with ?, the prepare fails with error message...

Code used:
SELECT common.get_region('REGION',"\"?, "\"?) from dual

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illegal zero-length identifier (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtPrepare)

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Jan SpringerCommented:
I'm not sure.  Any command that works talking directly to the sql database should work with the proper escaping and quoting from within a perl script.
steve2312Author Commented:
I found the issue was with format of parameter passed on to the database. I needed to use to_date (?,...) function inside the prepare statement and around the bind parameters to resolve the issue.

select ..... , to_date(?,'YYYY-MM-DD'), to_date(?,'YYYY-MM-DD') from dual;

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Thanks for the suggestion.

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steve2312Author Commented:
Found out the issue was on the database parameter format and not with Perl Prepare statement error.
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