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SCCM WQL query  to identify the Windows 10 machines with our organization image

Hi Team,

I have a requirement from our customer to find the windows 10 machines which are using our customized image and the ones without(Vanilla). This is because we have many users who brings their own windows 10 laptops and connects to our domain. I taught of using registry key which gets created using OSD task sequence variable but not sure how to do it. I need to create a collection to get this list of machines to identify the Windows 10 machines with our organization image. Please let me know the best solution query for this to find the machine list using registry or OSD Task sequence variable or any other best possible way.

Thanks in advance.
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Adding a registry key to the hardware inventory is described here:


Adding "your" key to the installation task sequence is easy:
Add a step "Run Command Line" and enter something like this

cmd /c reg add HKLM\Software\Company /v "CompanySetup" /d "Company"  /t REG_SZ /f

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Director of Information Technology
What version of Win 10 are you using for custom image? If it is enterprise most likely the vanilla is Pro or less.  
Are these BYOD machines objects in AD?

Are they part of the discovery scope in SCCM?

If both are true you can create a custom query by importing the System Resource > All Systems  and edit the query to also include the OS version.
Here is my example.  I only have W7 Ent (No BYOD in my domain)  so you will not be able to really see, but if you do the same in your SCCM and the machines are SCCM you should see the different OS (if they are using a Ent vs Pro)