O365 Office 2016 install on RDP Servers and local desktops

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We are in the processing of getting O365 E3 for our business. I know with the E3 we are allowed 5 PC/Mac and 5 Mobile/Tablet installs.

My question is, how does the work computer install work? We have most users on RDP but we still have many using local desktops (Windows and Windows 10). The users who use local desktops will also use RDP from home or a client.

We have 14 servers in an RDSH farm. If we go to portal.office.com there is an option to install office but i dont know if that counts towards the 5 computers. Also, since we have 14 RDSH servers how do they make it so those are not counted towards individual installs.

I've seen some areas talk about the office deployment tool but I am sure how that works.
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See https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Deploy-Office-client-applications-for-Office-365-3446a4e1-79b4-4b40-883d-413fbe4f467d
You can download the and then use software distribution to install on desktops.

The info you sited deals with install/activation.....

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