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Few days ago users start to complain that nobody can connect to the database located on the server.
So I start with the basics.
Verify that all the Act and SQL services are start it on both the client and the server. Make sure the Act sync is running on the server.
I reboot both server and client machine.
I move the database from the server on the local client machine to test it locally.
I even install Act on the server where the database reside. I also restore the Database from backup like few days before all this happens. Still the same error no matter from where I try to run it.
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Have you disabled the firewalls on both client and server to test?


Yes I did.
I figure it out.
The Computer Browser was stop. Once I start it all clients was able to see it but for some reason the database become unshare and I had to share it again. Not sure what happen and how a database become unshare but now it's all good.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

There are quite a number of causes for this error. All of them listed here:

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