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Teaching a friend to code who wants to make video games

I have a friend who wants to learn to make video games.

I was wondering what to teach him , I was thinking of starting out with Dennis Ritchie’s “The C Programming language”

He wants to make a game within the next two years. That’s his goal.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Does he want to do this as a hobby, or as a career?

<flame on>
Careers in video games are short and brutal.  The companies bring 'em in, use 'em up, burn 'em out and throw 'em away.  After a few years resulting in total burnout, the ruined results of that environment then have to attempt to pick up what's left of their lives and start over in some other field.  If he wants to do that as a career, no amount of "I wish you wouldn't do that" will make any difference but at least you can keep your hands clean by saying "I don't feel right offering you advice on that" and sticking to it.
<flame off>

If he wants to do this as a hobby, then yes, from the viewpoint of a programmer, learning C would be a good start - but while C is the standard, it's a terrible language that encourages programmers to shoot themselves in the foot with bad coding practices.  It's also not going to sate a yen to produce video games for at least the first year until he knows the fundamentals.

I'd say - throw him right into Visual Studio, and let him see what he's going to be up against.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Unity. It's free and comes already with a big community and has lots of resources online.

Thus the language is C#.

But imho Dr. Khan is right, teach him a simple language like C (not C++, his comments sounds like he is ranting about C++, hugh difference). C has currently only 32 keywords and is sufficient to learn about algorithms.

Or C#, cause VS comes also for free, but it is a little bit more complex (object orientation).

But to be honest: teach him programming. Programming skills are independed of the used language. Cause it is about algorithms and concepts. About deriving structure from requirements.
burnedfacelessAuthor Commented:
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