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GoDaddy / Exchange / Catch all

Pierre Ammoun
Pierre Ammoun asked

I have the following setup.
I have my own exchange box internally.
I have my domain hosted at GoDaddy
I have asked GoDaddy to create for me (or help me) a catch all account so that whoever sends me an email, it would go to that email that is at Godaddy, and I have a pop connector that retrieves the email from that mailbox and distributes it accordingly in my exchange box.

After many phone calls to support, I ended up with having an office365 account at godaddy and they said they can't help me more.

They sent me an email with a link
that I followed to the letter.
This is what is happening now :
If the email is existant then I can send and receive normally.
But if the email does not exist, then the email gets through , yet I receive a failure delivery.

any help ?
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Hi Pierre,

If you have your own Exchange Server, why do you want to involve GoDaddy at all?

Just configure the Catch-All on your Exchange Server, using, for example, a Transport Rule:


I guess you already know that you will (almost certainly) get a lot of spam in that mailbox depending on whether you have any filtering in front of he server, but rejecting emails that are aimed at non-existent addresses is one of the the most basic spam filters.

Pierre AmmounIT Consultant


Dear Alan,

I do not Want my MX record to be my server (local) as our connection is very unstable and unreliable.

I am using GoDaddy as a "buffer" or proxy if you like.

Pierre AmmounIT Consultant


Distinguished Expert 2018
This is an article that may prove more helpful since you have Exchange in house: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb691132(v=exchg.141).aspx

If your connection is that unstable, then you should be looking into fixing that. Could be something on your end, or it could be a reason to look at switching internet providers. I don't know how many users you have, but that type of problem makes it a mixed bag to switch your email to Office 365. Upside would be the email delivery to the mailbox would be a much better thing. However, you would then have the problem of retrieving the email to Outlook clients.