Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy, howto get in hours/days?


How to get Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy stats in hours days?
Now this is:

LockoutDuration             : 00:90:00
LockoutObservationWindow    : 00:60:00
LockoutThreshold            :  10
MaxPasswordAge              : 40.00:00:00
MinPasswordAge              : 00:00:00

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For an overview of the duration properties in different units, you can use this:
$pp = Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy
$pp.psobject.Properties |
	Where-Object {$_.TypeNameOfValue -like '*System.Timespan*'} |
	ForEach-Object {$Name = $_.Name; $_.Value | Select-Object @{n='Name'; e={$Name}}, Total*} |
	Format-Table -AutoSize

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"stats in hours days"? Sorry?
These values are all TimeSpan objects, so they contain all kind of time information out of the box.
Try, for example:
$pp = Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy

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What is it exactly you need?
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