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gudii9 used Ask the Experts™

i am looking at below link

How this apache chain related to spring and rest web serives. Any good examples around this to understand end to end flow. why we need chain of beans?

when  i try to download apache chain says

Not Found

The requested URL /proper/commons-chain/downloads.html was not found on this serve

please advise
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Unnoticed sure how you came to the download link, try this one
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Arnold you beat me to it.. follow the releases from the home page

the proper download link is


any good end to end examples on this?
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Unfortunately, you have to define what end to end you are looking for, Apache includes documentation and guides. please take the time to look at the main link David provided. Define what it is you are looking for specifically so that there will be a basis from which to start on what it is you are trying to achieve.

If not mistaken, they have an RPM that you can download and install.



If not mistaken, they have an RPM that you can download and install
i never worked with rpm. How to download, install and test a simple java application probably using spring framework?
rpm is like EAR or WAR kind of file? how to import rpm into eclipse and run on tomcat 8 server?
please advise
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rpm is more of an application install package such as MSI, or an EXE that deploys an application.
rpm -i file.rpm
will install the package from file.rpm
rpm -ql file.rpm
will list the contents of the rpm package and where each file ends up.....
it includes dependency checks that will alert you that the package can not be installed because a required dependency or it will error out saying an existing package is known to be conflicting ..

depending on which linux distribution ubuntu/debian, redhat/centos, linuxmint, etc.
each have their own respective package manageder apt-get/aptitude/dpkg  yum/rpm etc.

in the above, download the bin

expand it in a tomcat subdirectory..
mkdir newdir
cd newdir
gzip -cd < /path/to/where/you/downloaded/common-*bin.tar.gz | tar -xf -

what you are looking to download is more equivalent to a site/documents versus applications.. web application...

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