ColdFusion Admin is not acessible

Hello Experts,

I am trying to install the CF updates and once I did the CF Admin is not accessible and is giving me 500 error and like to see where to start finding the issue.

I do have "detailed error message" is checked or selected on my IIS and my CFIDE folder exists as virtual directory.

Thanks and appreciate your response.
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_agx_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the install logs and CF log files for more details about the 500 error?

I am the administrator on the server and hope this would be ok to download/install the updates. - Please confirm

Not sure.  It really depends on the exact error (unknown) AND how and the update is installed - command line or via CF Admin.

One example in the tech note says a 500 error may occur because the updater can't install the VC++ runtime.  With that error, the "log on" account for the CF Service is what's relevant:  Services > ColdFusion ...> Log On As

The tech note says the updater requires the CF Service to be running under either an Administrator account (which is crazy!)  or System:

If your ColdFusion service account is not running as administrator or system
account, applying the hotfix from administrator can’t install VC++ runtime and
you will get “500 internal server error” after configuring the

If installed from the command line, you must use the “Run as Administrator”  option.

If you do end up changing the CF Service to run under an "Administrator" account, don't forget to change it back to a non privileged account afterward!!
Which version and update number?  Sadly some of the updates, like CF10 update 14 are a train wreck :-/
Tpaul_10Author Commented:
Thank you
I am doing CF 11 update#6 and will try to see if the above mentioned links would help or not

Is there any guide or any blogs that outlines the issues and solution for CF 11 update #2 onwards as I am trying to start all of them.
This is the only one I know of for update 2:

What steps did you take? If this is on windows, is it running as Administrator?  Crazy, but running as a non-admin user is what some of the blogs and tech notes mentioned causing issues.
Tpaul_10Author Commented:
1. Since I couldn't access CF Admin, now I have a new clone of my production server to start applying the patches
2. I need to start from CF11 Update 2
3. I am the administrator on the server and hope this would be ok to download/install the updates. - Please confirm

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