DFRS migration 2008 server

I have begun the dfrs migration process on a 2008 R2 server, after the dfsrmig /setglobalstate 1 , I went to verify that the contents from the sysvol folder were all copied to the new sysfol_DFRS folder and I see that the staging and staging areas folder are missing from the new sysvol_dfrs folder. They are in the sysvol folder though. I did not want to move any further since I believe all content should be copied. TIA
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
I never did care about the staging folders, the old ones should be removed at a later stage..., New ones are created...
Just make sure after each step, the all domain controllers have reached the actual global state

dfsrmig /GetGlobalState
dfsrmig /GetMigrationState

On my migrated servers, I do not have a staging folder anymore...
On my migrated servers, I do not have a staging folder anymore... >
--> on the old location...
-->there are new ones under C:\Windows\SYSVOL_DFSR\domain\DfsrPrivate
raffie613Author Commented:
I do not see C:\Windows\SYSVOL_DFSR\domain\DfsrPrivate.
I currently only have C:\Windows\SYSVOL_DFSR\domain\policies and scripts folders.
Will the Private one appear after completeion?
It should be....,. yes...
Be aware, that this is a symbolic link pointing to "System Volume Information) and hidden by default....
Make sure you see hidden files and OS System files are not hided.
But I'm not quite sure, in which step it is created...
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