Is there a website that will "pull" the mac address information from my laptop.

I want to have students register the mac address of their device before I allow them to connect to our school's wireless network.  However, I want them to be able to retrieve their mac address easily.  Is there a website or an easy way to accomplish this task, similar to how an ip address can be retrieved  (i.e. ip chicken).
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CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
The above is correct.  MAC addresses do not leave the LAN on which they reside.

if the students are savvy enough to do an IPCOVFIG /ALL, that will provide the MAC address.  You could even dump that command into a batch file along with saving it to a text doc, i.e. ipconfig /all > macaddress.txt
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No.  MAC addresses are available only on the local network.  Every device between the local network and a website has it's own and different MAC address.  They are simply not visible from the internet.
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