Is there a website that will "pull" the mac address information from my laptop.

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I want to have students register the mac address of their device before I allow them to connect to our school's wireless network.  However, I want them to be able to retrieve their mac address easily.  Is there a website or an easy way to accomplish this task, similar to how an ip address can be retrieved  (i.e. ip chicken).
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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No.  MAC addresses are available only on the local network.  Every device between the local network and a website has it's own and different MAC address.  They are simply not visible from the internet.
Network Administrator
The above is correct.  MAC addresses do not leave the LAN on which they reside.

if the students are savvy enough to do an IPCOVFIG /ALL, that will provide the MAC address.  You could even dump that command into a batch file along with saving it to a text doc, i.e. ipconfig /all > macaddress.txt

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