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Unable to Map a Network Drive

Hello Experts,

I have a Windows 2008 Server configured as domain control.

It has two ip addressess, and

I can map a network drive to,  but I can't map a network drive to

I'm certain it's a simple problem, but I can't figure out why I can't map a drive to

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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Lee W, MVP
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You have a multi-homed DC.  That's one problem.

Check your firewall settings.

What errors are given by the client(s)?  Are there errors in the event log?  Why is the machine multi-homed?
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Hi Lee,

As you can see from the image I can map a drive to but I can't map a drive to
User generated image
Do you want as the main IP to map your drive ? or the 192 address ?
what is the reason for having 2 IP addresses ?
I think you may need to change the network connection nic binding order.
Hi Zaheer,

Yes, I would like the as the main ip to map to my drive.

The address is just used to connect to the Server via RDP.

Hi Zaheer,

I have placed Local Connetion 2 - ip address at the top, but still no luck. Do I need to reboot server?
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Yes please restart.
Restarted, but no luck :-(
ok sorry I missed that this is a DC. Which ip address was the first one to setup when you first joined it to the domain ?
What happens when you try hostname ?
When I ping the host name n30-dc I get the response

Which makes it even more puzzling why I can't map to
Is the windows firewall on ?
Windows firewall is turned off
what happens if you try and map via \\hostname\ then ?
was the share created on which IP address ? when both ip addresses were configured.
I get same result as when I map IP address - unable to map
can you map the drive on the domain controller itself ?
Can you try to do ipconfig /flushdns on client and test.
Yes, I can map the drive on the controller itself - which makes this problem even more strange
ok another test can you enable disable the network cards, as in disable the 192.168 nic and see if that works?

I tried disabling before coming to EE, but no luck.

Interestingly, I can ping and when I do nslookup I see
ok just had another thought under TCP/IP  setting DNS tab do not allow 192.168 address to register to DNS.

What was the primary IP of the DC when you added it as a domain controller ?
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Do not allow 192.168 address to register to DNS.

How do I do that?
That did it. Thanks
What was the fix ?
My apologies,

Zaheer provided the correct answer with the following link:

Thanks Zaheer
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