Group Policy to push VPN IP address change

I am going to be changing Vendors and my public IP's will change soon.  I need to update this on all windows client VPN's ~100.   Is there a way to PUSH just the IP change?  When I tried to do this with GPO under Computer config/Preferences/Control Panel/Network Options it wiped out all of the other VPN configuration settings.  The original VPN are all named the same, but were manually created.  Possibly a registry key that can be edited?
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CConnect With a Mentor CEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
I think that you can create a Powershell script under the computer initial configuration and you can push that to the computers

The script would be a combination of this 2 cmdlets
#Remove the actual connection
#Add the new one:

They are there since windows server 2012 => 2016. so I think it will get in your case.

In 2008 R2 there was a way to create an installer from a server (of the VPN) a .MSI and that could be pushed using the preferences in the "Install Software" section.
jenitAuthor Commented:
thanks, I waited too long before I asked this question so I didn't attempt what you said.  We took it as an opportunity to check on all the machine's status and filled up a conference room with devices and manually changed them.
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