Request for advice on the generation and the use of security keys between 3,000 and 27,000 bits for NON RSA systems...


We have designed a data encoding algorithm on which we have developed a digital file encryption software for which key security levels have lengths ranging from 3'000 to 9'000 and up to 27'000 bits (this has nothing to do with RSA technology).

We are being cautioned that key lengths in excess of 2'048 bits could potentially be considered to be usable as computer weapons.

We do not wish to make mistakes and because here there is a lot of IT experts, we are sending you this message to ask you for advice for not doing any illegal things.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
You need to consult a lawyer.  We're mostly programmers and technicians.  Legal advice is a privilege reserved to licensed lawyers.
Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
Thank you, we understand that the law aspect of this question is not dedicated to be answered by programmers and technicians.

Now purely about the technical aspect of the question, what do you think about the ability to compute such long keys enough easily and quickly to be used in common software (9000 bit long is not nothing) ?

Thanks in advance for you answer.


Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Given that true random number generators of any length are readily and cheaply available using radioactive decay, atmospheric noise, cosmic rays and system entropy, my personal opinion is that this would be a niche product.

When larger quantum computers become available no key of any length is going to protect data.  At that point massive key generation will become instantly obsolete, so the horizon for such a product is relatively short.

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Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
In fact, our main data securisation algorithm has nothing to do with the size of any producted and used security keys, whether they are 3000 bit long (3 sec to be generated) or 9000 bit (30 sec) or even 27000 bit (5 min).

These are also not entirely randomly produced keys.

Indeed, the generation of these keys is based on an algorithm using the prime numbers that we have created, which allows the software to maintain control over their final structure.

What makes the process random is that we use the notion of time as a dynamic factor and as the time varies constantly, it gives some final keys of large sizes with a random part.

We have simply added this small option for a practical aspect to the internal use of our application, among others concerning the irreversible destruction of protected data in case of unauthorized access.

In fact, the initial aspect of securing our algorithm is based on Re-Scheduling the binary structure of any source files and/or folder that you want to protect.

Thus, this makes it possible to produce protected data whose binary structure is completely Re-Scheduled, as well as 3 physical Key-Files making it possible to find a coherence when decoding the protected data.

The main protected file thus obtained then has a completely Re-Scheduled binary structure which has been imposed by the 3 Key-Files which are totally destructured except the part of which we spoke initially and which concerns the large security keys.

What makes this way of protecting data irreversible once done is that all the files thus produced during the security process have absolutely no analysable coherence possible if they are studied outside their context.

Whether it is the main protected data file or any of the other 3 Key Files obtained, none of them can give any indication onto the nature of the original protected files and according to the options selected by the user during the encoding process, all information may be completely destroyed if an unauthorized third party tries to perform a scan on secure data (Main File or 3 Key-Files).

Here is a small video in 2 parts, the first explaining the different levels of data security and the second demonstrating what we are talking about to "Re-Scheduling the Binary Structure" of the protected data and where is the location and size of the long security keys (Small Random Bit part / 3000 Bit / 9000 Bit, 27000 bit isn't yet authorised in "Beta version") :

Other videos are available on the use of our software as well as on our verification tool and generation of Prime Numbers:

Thank you for your interest.


Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your comments

Wish you a very Happy New Year :)

See you next year .. ... .....

Ex0 SySCreationAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.

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