unit test vs integration test vs system test vs acceptance tests

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what are differences between
unit test vs integration test vs system test vs acceptance tests
please advise
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here is a simple explanation:

a system is generally made up of modules and modules made up of functions

as an example, an accounting system would, among others, have modules for accounts receivable & accounts payable

accounts receivable would have a billing function and a function for posting payments received from the billing function to the ledger

accounts payable would have functions for entering received billing for materials and a function for posting paid bills to the ledger

unit testing: when you create one of the units, you have to test that the code works correctly by itself, without respect to the rest of the system

integration test is testing the unit within the associated module so it functions correctly with respect to the module

system test is testing that the entire system works correctly when all the modules have been tested

the above tests are usually carried out by those working on the project

acceptance tests are the tests done by the users who funded the project to make sure that the system meets their original requirements
this answer seems correct to me!

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