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More precise question concerning the production and use of very long security keys as well as the use of very long prime numbers for encryption systems...


We know that Experts Exchange is not a promotional platform for commercial products.

We are not trying to sell our products here, we are simply looking for people who are interested in the purely technical aspect of them and who can to guide us on the repercussions that some of our discoveries might have.

Indeed, as indicated in a previous question, we have created a data security algorithm that generates among other extremely long security keys and which is not based on the RSA system or any other known system. (from 3000 to 9000 bit, 27000 bit is not yet being authorized in the "Beta version”)

We know that as soon as we exceed a certain length in the size of the security keys it concerns a very sensitive domain of IT and it is for prudence that we first chose to subscribe to Experts Exchange to address us exclusively to truly qualified people rather than publishing this information on large public broadcasts.

We have also created another algorithm for the verification and the generation of Large Prime Numbers and it seems that it is more powerful than those other tools that we know and that are currently available on the internet (we do not know if we are authorized to publish their links right here ?)

Here again we know that this is an extremely sensitive field and because this tool has no known limits (except the one we impose ourselves based on the physical hardware) it is very difficult for us to do all the tests so much the amount of numbers to test is important.

Again, we would like to have your opinion, because until now we could not find any error in the verification and/or the generation of Large Prime Numbers (actually limited to 200 Digits), maybe some of you might know some other tools that would be available on internet where we could test numbers greater than 128 digits because all those that we know are limited to this length.

Based on these algorithms, we have created a software called "Alph@TaV" which is freely available in "Beta Limited version” on our website and we would like to know if some people would be interested in testing it?

As this software is in "Beta version”, you will understand that we do not seek in any case to make a commercial promotion, it is the technical opinion of experts such as you who interested us in this process.

Here are some videos about how to use the software with different scenarios and options, as well as the last one specifying visually the aspect concerning the size of the obtained Long Security Keys for which we have some interogations:



Also available another more playful video concerning the verification and the generation tools that we put online concerning Larges Prime Numbers:


We hope these questions are not inappropriate on the Experts Exchange platform, would you maybe have some recommendations on other platforms where we could talk about the technical aspect of our works without risking bad maneuvers.

Thank you for your advices.

Best regards,


P.S. We are sorry for the poor English level that we use, but as you certainly understand, this is not our first language… Thank you.
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