Basis Of Estimate with hours in Excel

So I have this spreadsheet that I need hours calculated based on a hourly rate.

On row 11 I want to be able to change the hours accordingly with column D having the hourly rate and update the cells with the new cost.  The calculation should include 1.5 times anything over 40 hours.

For example:  45 in cell K11on row 11 = 40 X $125 and 5 x 187.5 = $5,937.50
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abbas abdullaCommented:
Hi Luis,
in cell F12 paste this formula =IF(F$11<=40,$D12*F$11,SUM((40*$D12),MOD(F11,40)*$D12*1.5))
then drag it down and right.

Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Simpler formula:


Even simpler:



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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Simplified some of your other formulas as well.

Row 7 Dates, converted to using CHOOSE function rather than multiple IF statements:
F7 =CHOOSE(MATCH($D5,{"Daily","Weekly","Monthly","Quarterly"},0),D4+(D7-1),D4+7*(D7-1),EDATE($D$4,($D$7-1)),EDATE($D$4,3*($D$7-1)))
G7:X7 =CHOOSE(MATCH($D5,{"Daily","Weekly","Monthly","Quarterly"},0),F7+1,F7+7,EDATE($D$4,G9-1),EDATE($D$4,3*(G9-1)))

Row 8 dates, don't need the LEFT and RIGHT functions to convert the date into a string:

TEXT(F7,"mmm")  will only be 3 characters so don't need to use LEFT(#,3) to get 3 characters
Note in the TEXT(F7,"'yy")  I have included the ' in the text format parameter.

Conditional formatting to get red lines:

FLOOR function rounds a number down by the specified factor, in this case 7, which rounds down to the previous Saturday; by adding two you then get the Monday date.
LUIS FREUNDAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gents....extremely appreciative!
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