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Removing watermark from video

Mark Mandeville
Mark Mandeville asked
Can anyone please tell me how do I remove any watermark logo from a video made with the help of online video creation tool. I want some good ways without using any software. Are their any online tools to do so?
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

you probably can't remove the water mark without the source files that creating that video.
Software & Systems Engineer
I haven't test it but this online tool claims to remove watermarks.
If online tools fail there  2 tools that do the job
1. Virtualdub
2. Avisynth
Most Valuable Expert 2013
No, using an online system incorporates a watermark into all layers of the video frame. Removing the watermark afterwards can only be done by extrapolating the frame image into the space left by taking out the watermark  so you replace the watermark with a blurry  image instead of the data "under" the watermark.

You'll need the source, unwatermarked file.

Most online encoders offer a premium service which doesn't watermark the frames

There are lots of tools online that will replace the watermark with something less obvious but viewers will notice that something used to be there.
ste5anSenior Developer

As the others already pointed out: You cannot do this. Cause persistence/durability in video production chains is one of the features of a watermark, otherwise it would be useless.


Well I have tried using the online tool mentioned by John Tsioumpris, but it seems to be not working properly. I would try the other two tool mentioned. Again if those not work then adding a blurry image can be a option.