Calculated field in MS word base on another date field

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Hi All,
I'm using MS Word 2010 need to add a date field (Report_Due_Date) that is calculated to greater than another date field (Report Generation Date).  Need to automatically run on document open.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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What sort of field? If you mean a Word field, then you should be aware that while arithmetic data calculation is available, it is very difficult to do it with dates. VBA calculation is much easier, but some users consider VBA too difficult to make secure.

How much greater do you need the second field to be?

I suggest that you post a non-confidential example document.


Yes a word field.  VBA calculation is fine the security is not a major concern for this particular usage.  Second field is 30 days greater than the first.
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You will need a macro like this in the document's ThisDocument code module.
Option Explicit

Private Sub Document_Open()
    Dim rng2 As Range
    Dim dt1 As Date
    Dim dt2 As Date
    dt1 = ThisDocument.Fields(1).Result
    dt2 = DateAdd("d", 30, dt1)
    Set rng2 = ThisDocument.Bookmarks("Date2").Range
    rng2.Text = Format(dt2, "dd/MM/yyyy")
    ThisDocument.Bookmarks.Add "Date2", rng2
End Sub

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I have attached a sample document. The second date is not a Word Field, but is shown in a bookmarked location.
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