Where is an asp.net SMTP email message physically generated from?

Paul Raymond
Paul Raymond used Ask the Experts™
When a user function or operation executes in our asp.net application, a confirmation email is sent out, using the SMTP credentials found in the web.config file.
Q- When an external user has logged onto the application, and is performing the process, could their internal corporate firewall block the email being sent out by the app? I am not sure if the email is generated from the host server, or via the user's local session.
Thanks for your input.
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Lead Software Engineer
Generally speaking, emails created by an ASP.Net application are sent through the mail server defined by/in the ASP.Net application. This could be an email server internal to your organization (such as Exchange) or it could be a third-party email server (GMail, O365, etc.) The user's mail system only comes into play when receiving the email.
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net Developer
Assuming you're in the code behind then you're running on the server.  The user firewall isn't a factor.


Thank for your input. I will have to delve deeper into this.

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