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How to delay Skype for Business Startup

My company uses Skype for Business and I have it on start with Windows, however it is starting before my networking is all up and running.  I cannot find it under services to set it to being a delayed startup (this is Windows 10 pro).

Does anyone have a known way of delaying it for say 30 s so that other things it depends upon can start up?
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Tom Cieslik

8/22/2022 - Mon
Dariusz Tyka

You have several options/programs you can use to delay program startup:
WinPatrol, Windows startup helper or Startup delayer. For more info see link below:
Zaheer Iqbal

So are you logging onto the system before your network is ready as well ?
So are you logging on with cached credentials.
What you need to fix is the delay in the network not delay the startup of the application.
Does this happen for all users or just you?
Tom Cieslik

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Gene Klamerus

An issue Dariusz is that Skype for Business doesn't appear under either msconfig or services.  I'm not sure where it's being started.  The startup on logon (actually says startup with Windows) is a flag within it, but I don't see where/what launches it.
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William Peck
Gene Klamerus

To Zaheer.  Networking connects are logon dependent.  One user may choose to long onto one network in Windows while another user to log onto another (I'm speaking of wifi).  This has nothing to do with the credentials (although those are cached).  While I would like for the networking to start up more quickly the issue is NOT that the networking is significantly delayed.  Skype for Business just happens to start almost immediately (perhaps ahead of over 90% of the things I have starting automatically).  This is also not a slow machine by any means.  It's a relatively new T470 with the fast available CPU, 32 GB of fast memory and a 2 TB SSD.  I am the only user of this laptop.
Gene Klamerus

This may be my best option.  I'd really have preferred if there were a registry entry for a delay or that this was a service, but I can't find those.  Appreciate the idea.
Tom Cieslik

You're are very welcome :)
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