How to post data using URL from plsql


Below is the service in which I want to access the post method from plsql.

the service does have four parameters. How do I call the service from plsql passing all the parameters.
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You need to use UTL_HTTP:

      req   UTL_HTTP.REQ;
      resp  UTL_HTTP.RESP;

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then create your post body:

postBody := 'parama='|| parama ||'&paramb='|| paramb ||'&paramc='||paramc || '&paramd=' || paramd;

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Once you have your postBody you can do:

req := utl_http.begin_request('', 'POST',' HTTP/1.1');
 utl_http.set_header(req, 'user-agent', 'mozilla/4.0'); 
utl_http.set_header(req, 'content-type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); 
utl_http.set_header(req, 'Content-Length', length(postBody));
utl_http.write_text(req, postBody);

resp := utl_http.get_response(req);

                    utl_http.read_line(resp, buffer);
                end loop;
                when utl_http.end_of_body then

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