C++ Help for Quality Assurance

I`m a manual Quality Assurance. I really need an automation in my hard work. How should I good start? Have you any ideas? I use Selenium and C++ at my work. But is a basic C++ enough? I was thinking to go to college to take some C++ credits there. Maybe there something like https://domywriting.com/ which could help me in my work. I`m really lost in it because I don`t have the Computer science degree.
Daisy RowleyDeveloperAsked:
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Craig KehlerDirector of Customer RelationsCommented:
I'm assuming you are using the record and playback features of the Selenium IDE at this point. While that can be useful for some menial tasks it won't get the logic control you need for full automation.

We have a course that was recently published here. https://www.experts-exchange.com/courses/1401/Programming-for-You-Introduction-to-C.html

It is important you understand how to organize your code or your automation maintenance will become a nightmare. It is also important that you put together a good litmus test for what you should automate and what should be done manually. All too often I have seen organizations tout "MORE AUTOMATION" which can cause more maintenance cost than beneficial coverage. Prioritize what is most important to your business, what costs you the most if it fails, and/or where the most non-obvious regression risks are. You should also consider where unit tests are more efficient than browser automation.

Structured learning can provide a lot of guidance on what you need to learn, however there are many self taught coders. I know there are some good experts in the C++ topic here to help you along your way.

We have been using Selenium, written in Java, to do our automation since 2009. It is a great tool, I advise starting with the Chrome driver. We have encountered some issues with Firefox and PhantomJS.

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Daisy RowleyDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi Craig Kehler! Thank you very much for helpful information!!
Daisy RowleyDeveloperAuthor Commented:
maybe someone has other ideas or tips ?
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
What exactly are you QA'ing manually, do you have a few examples of your process?

We have a number of various items, including Web Applications that require QA.  For most of that work, I use C# and a browser object to interact with the site.

AutoIT is another tool that is used for automation (good for WindowsUI but I've used it before for web objects as well) and has a small learning curve.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Hey Daisy,

Did any of these suggestions help meet your requirements?
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