program or way i can automatically capture each new line of a sql table

i am looking for a way to get appended rows from a table as plain text files.
I have a microsoft sql database that renews every month "history1217" (historyMMYY) is the current database. on an irregular basis this database has a new line written to a table labeled "SignalHistory". it gets somewhere between 1-300 rows added every minuet as data trickles in. each new row of data has a [signalID] which is a unique number starting at 1MMYY, so the 1st row on this months database is 11217 and it simply counts up from there.
i would like to have a file folder that has files named 11217.csv (i don't really care what the file extension is, i would prefer columns be separated by | or tabs)
and these files would exist as soon as the row exists or at least very quickly after the row exists.
is there some utility i can use to do this, monitor the newest of these databases for changes and save these changes to a file?
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csePixelatedConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have since found an approximate solution to this after many failed attempts a powershell ps1 that is run frequently and outputs the last couple minutes worth of data as a file.
Have you tried using a trigger?
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
I have not, im not very familiar with Microsoft Sql Querys. 
what would be the query I would have to enter for the trigger to accomplish this?
Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
Provide some input and output in an excel...
Trigger will help but you need build logic inside that..
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
although I never actually got what i was looking for according to my original question. i found a solution that was more fitting to my situation.
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