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Error While Open the OWA in exchange 2013

Najmu Dheen
Najmu Dheen asked
Dear Team,

I facing an issue while opening the OWA for a user.
i am using exchange 2013 CU10 ,My organisation have  3 MBX servers and 3 CAS servers and 10 Database. since two days one of the user unable to login to the OWA page ,its getting an error.
OWA login error

when i check the same user in ECP console am getting another error message like
ECP Error
The same DB have  many users all are working fine issue facing only for a user.
how to resolve this issue .

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Do you have Exchange2007 ?
If yes please try this command in Exchange2007
set-organizationalconfig -sharecalendartimezonesetting principal

Open in new window


No exchange 2007 in my organisation.
my organisation name is 2007 because this setup migrated from 2007 to 2013 that is why its showing legacy exchange name.
now  find out resolution.

i have 3 MBX servers ,MBX1 MBX2 and MBX3
MBX1 server there is no default database, all default database moved to MBX2 and MBX3. so when ever my db mounted in MBX1 issue persist.
if i moved mounted copy to either MBX2 or MBX3 owa accessible.

so i hope if i move one default DB to MBX1 issue will be resolved.

Please give suggession.

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I think that is an incomplete migration, from 2007 to 2013. The 2007 information is still in your organization, and it should be removed and retired to get everything going as it should.
Hi Najmu,

If you shutdown Exchange server 2007 machine..it works? If you have problem with Exchange 2007..you have not completely migrated and you need to continue with the migration process.


The issue seems to be solved, no more replies from the author.