citrix receiver USB redirection

Hi Experts

I have problem with one USB device  manger on Citrix receiver

some devices  work automatically and some I have to make check box on usb device manger on citrix  receiver

and some I cannot check this redirection box

I don't know where the issue

I checked the policy on deliver controller I found it ok (( please check the attached file ))

so I think I have to change something on the windows registry which related to citrix receiver

and also I have the same issue on thin clients

it is look like this issue 100 % related to citrix receiver on windows and on thin client

but I don't know how to fix it

please check the attached files

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Dirk KotteSECommented:
tell us more about the environment / ThinClient.
- Thinclient-type / OS / Receiver-version(s)
- Citrix Version
- StoreFront Version
- ?NetScaler?
is there a central management for the thinclients? Check Citrix/USB Settings there.
are there other Citrix-rules (possible within AD-GPO)
sword12Author Commented:
tell us more about the environment / ThinClient.

Thin clients  we are using right now raspberry pi 3 with thin linx   and thin linx from time to time they update Citrix receiver version i think right now we have version 13. something

- StoreFront Version

- ?NetScaler?    gates way version 12

is there a central management for the thinclients? Check Citrix/USB Settings there.

the  TMS for thin linx not that strong to change usb redirection settings but  we are using 3D mouse and after i installed the driver on golden image it works perfectly

are there other Citrix-rules (possible within AD-GPO)

right now we dont use any AD-GPO  for Citrix rules

but if GPO will fix this issue i have no problem to test it

i found something like this only and i will try to test them tomorrow

if you have any advice i will be grateful

sword12Author Commented:
Hi Dirk

i manged to make it work on Xendesktop with win 10

but i still facing issues on Xenapp with windows server 2012

when i connect the device i can start the settings and dose not give the device not connected . but the device dosenot work

the funny thing if i dont use device redirection on citrix receiver xenapp see the device and the device work but when i open the driver settings it tells me conect the device not connected
Dirk KotteSECommented:
sorry, don't see your answer before.
if not...
i think the device (3D-mouse) is redirected as generic mouse (not as simple full usb redirection) to the session.
So within the session the driver don't see the correct USB-device.
possible windows server 2012 don't support this device type. does this device work if you attach the device directly to a windows 2012 installation?

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