Open source platforms to setup a new startup Office

Dear Wizards, can we have some solutions (Open source) to setup networking environment for startup (small) company. We knew some things like:
- Firewall/Router: Sophos XG Home, pfSense
- Storage: FreeNAS, XPenology
- PC: Ubuntu, OpenOfficce

How about the Switch? Is there any Open Source ISO file that we can use to simulate the Switch (let's say Cisco :))

Many thanks!
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Depends on how many users you have behind your networking.

If you have less than 50, just setup client machines to connect directly to your WiFi connection.

So your ISP will provide your router. Set your router to bridge mode + disable any onboard WiFi settings.

Then setup high speed WiFi (1G+) for all your office connections, so any file transfers or communications or any other operations between onsite users will be fast.

Then just use Ubuntu + OpenOffice + Chrome on all your in house machines.

For firewall tech, likely you won't require any. If you do, just setup a common set of iptables rules for all your client machines. I do this via a script named firewall, which runs at boot time.

Storage is easy too. Get an Ethernet or Thunderbolt based Dobro unit + populate it with fast Seagate 12TB+ drives (which are dirt cheap now).

Get your Dobro boxes + bare disk drives off Amazon.
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