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refresh screen to see android 7 files

plugging into windows 10
I sometimes see my files of samsung galaxy s6 android 7

I think when I dont see files; then I may need to reset computer

I click refresh file explorer window but says; this folder empty

I try plugging into different usb
Is there another type of refresh I could do without reseting my windows computer

Please dont request an me downloading a windows program because that is another question.
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019

It is not related to your computer.

Just make sure your phone is not locked before connecting to your computer via USB cable.

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so phone needs to be locked
do I unlock and relock phone

that does not work for me to connect files to windows 10
IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
Unlock screen before you connect and when you connect, you will see a notification for selecting USB modes.


Worked once. Probably will work.