Group Policy to allow user to allow upload but prevent download


I have a virtualized Windows 2008 Domain.  Users connect to Windows 7 computers using a VPN connection and Remote Desktop Services.  

I have a "silo" group policy that disables clipboard redirection.  

I've been asked to grant certain users the ability to upload (paste) files to their VMs but still prevent the downloads via copy.  

Anyone have any ideas how I might be able to make that happen?

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Shaun VermaakConnect With a Mentor Technical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
The first thing I would try is the Windows Firewall. With it you can enforce inbound and outbound connections by port, application, scope, computer name, user name etc.
Abhi PappiTechnical Lead - Network SupportCommented:

With configuring the "disables clipboard redirection" are you now completely blocked copy and paste?

If so, can you check if drag and drop works?

ttist25Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses.  

Shaun, is there anything specifically you would change in the windows firewall?  

Abhi - I just tried it and no go on the drag and drop.  Good thought though.
Abhi PappiConnect With a Mentor Technical Lead - Network SupportCommented:

The only option so far I am aware is the "Disable clip board redirection" in an rdp session, however this would block both copy and paste. I dont think there is a method available to set "disable clipboard redirection" to disable copy& paste, still enabling paste only.

Refer below:-

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