Exchange 2013 Backup using 2 solutions?

Hello Experts,

I have exchange 2013 environment with 3 mailboxes servers and 1 DAG that include several databases and it is being backed up everyday (Full Backup) using Symantec Backup Exec and i have no issue on it.

We are now testing new solution which is veam and they need install their agent on the exchange servers and schedule a backup job to be started after symantec finish for the sake of PoC!!

The ask is if we install the 2 solutions agents on the servers and scheduled 2 jobs that will take full backup from the databases, is that will harm the mailbox databases or what will happen with the logs?

Any clue on what issues i will face?
Mohamed KhairyEnterprise Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CConnect With a Mentor CEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
I think it won't get any issues as long as they aren't running at the same time.

The Symantec will do its job as usual, and it will truncate the logs (as it should be).
When the other backup (beam) starts, just need to double check that the 1st backup isn't running when they start the job because this can lead to unknown results, and I wouldn't want it to find out with my servers, so just make it sequential, and you will be just fine.

So the sequence is:
Symantec => Truncate logs
Beam => Truncate logs (if any).
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
Hi Mohamed,

I think the same as Jose [MCSE] Ortega C.  If you configured correctly, you should not have problem. I have some clients using Veeam and Windows Server Backup...and it works correctly.

Mohamed KhairyEnterprise Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jose
Jose Gabriel Ortega CCEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
Np glad to help
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