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Offsite restore testing of Exchange 2013

Hi.  I'm currently running Exchange 2013 onsite with a Windows 2008 DC.  I have a hot site where I use VEEAM to replicate both the Exchange server and DC.  Lately I have been having issues with AD services not starting correctly when restoring the DC with VEEAM.  After reading that restoring DC's from replica's can be problematic, I have built a DC that sits at the hot site, which I will use in the event of a disaster recovery.  However I'm not sure the best way to go about testing that everything will work correctly in my scenario.  Can I disconnect my hot site from my production site, seize the FSMO roles on my DR DC, and start Exchange? What do I need to do when its time to bring the DR DC back online (and connect to my production network)? Is it better just to kill the DR DC and promote a new server once the testing is complete?

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8/22/2022 - Mon