How to fix corrupted. Avi file

Hello, does anyone know of some software that will fix a corrupted avi file?
Ive tried a few at i found i found via google but they dont seem to even recognise the file type.

Basically my system was recording live footage from our cctv and we had a power cut as the incident was occurring.

Our system normally automatically puts a .avi file in a designated directory but the .avi file that has been put in the dir will not play of any player that i have.

This footage is so important.  What can we do please?

Thank you

P.S. we dont mind paying for some software to do this
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Tom CieslikConnect With a Mentor IT EngineerCommented:
Fixing streaming file is almost impossible.
There is some free software but you probably have try it already.

You can try some converting software and try to convert to different format, so if you'll get lucky converter will open file convert whatever is in it and close file, since your file is not closed correctly so there is no information about bit rate , resolution,,, etc...

You can also try some video editor and try to load this file into it.
If you don't have I'm using Sony Vegas and if you want please let me know, You can upload file to my computer and I can try to help you.
bede123Author Commented:
Ok thanks for reply. The one thing i havent tried is editing software.

Ill report back soon. Thank you
Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
As Tom said.  Since the file was not closed properly, the header block is not there.  This contains information about the video codec, bitrate, keyframes, audio codec, bitrate, and so on ... all the information that a target system needs to figure out how to play the file.  Without that, it's just a bunch of bits.

You could try splicing a header block from a good file from the same device into this corrupt one and that might give enough information to recover part of the file. But that is an extremely large "might".

The situation is complicated by the fact that this is a file from a surveillance system.  Many of them use non-standard compression or codecs.  That's fine as long as the files are intact, but when a problem occurs it becomes impossible to work on damaged files using standard video tools.

Whatever you do, do not tamper with the original file.  Make copies of it and work on the copies.
bede123Author Commented:
thanks guys. tried everything but it looks like its a no go.... unless i can get GCHQ involved lol.

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