Starting a home server

Okay, so here we go;
I just finished building a new computer. I installed Server 2016 Datacenter on it. Installed HyperV with Windows 10 Educational edition on that. Eventaully want to have all files on server, have VM and two laptops running as roaming log-in, with all file storage aimed at server. Need to be able to access over internet while in school or on road.
1. First time doing this
2. MoBo is BIOS instead of UEFI
3. HyperV won't let me build as Generation 2, which is needed to have more than 2TB of storage
4. Directing VM build and laptops to see and use files on server

I know about all these things, but school is more of a vocabulary test, rather than an actual building block of what to DO. I know what I want to do, and I know the items needed, but how to put it all together is proving a chore. Every time I have a question, I have hours of Googling to find the right answer out of many.

Anyone up for a challenge of helping a noob start from the beginning of the project?
Andrew PannelliStudentAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
2. MoBo is BIOS instead of UEFI
Ok - this doesn't matter.
3. HyperV won't let me build as Generation 2, which is needed to have more than 2TB of storage
Your understanding is incorrect - and probably one of the reasons Cliff thinks you need more work.  The 2TB limit is related to VHDs (vs. VHDXs) and not Gen2 VMs.  Reference: There are benefits to Gen2 VMs, but storage capacity is not one of them.
4. Directing VM build and laptops to see and use files on server.
You're talking about group policy.

You're asking a wide ranging question that should be more narrowly focused.

Asking questions about setup and configuration on a forum is the PERFECT thing to be doing in my opinion.  There are plenty of extremely unwise people trying to setup business networks using forums as guidance and not really knowing what they are doing.  

Final tip - aside from narrowing down your questions - start simple and work your way up.  There's a TON of stuff in Windows - much of it since the late 90s... and a lot of it new.  I'm often thankful I got into Windows technology when I did - if I didn't, I don't know how I'd be able to learn half as much of what I know.  There's a reason people specialize these days... and while I think that can be problematic in some cases, it's necessary, especially for those new to the industry.  At least in my opinion.

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Andrew PannelliStudentAuthor Commented:
Lee, thank you for the help. Sorry if my attitude may have put others off.

Thank you for the info on the VM and BIOS/UEFI, I'll have to look more into the error I got. I must have misread something.

Thank you for helping with my questions. I think your right, instead of trying to work on the whole thing all at once, one thing at a time. I am definitely not trying to set up a business network, I am just a student trying to make sense of all the courses that I have been taking. I'm just attempting to get my hands dirty on my own.

I can see your point on how much there is to know. It get to be overwhelming sometimes. But I am trying. I don't work at the moment, I spend all my time in class, on homework, and on the computer. I sit here between my general education classes writing essays for English and Government, and studying computer classes, doing math homework, and trying to set up my own stuff. I spend usually 6-10 hours a days on the computer, more if I am in class. Life of a college student. That being said, I am retired Merchant Marine Captain, and in my career, i have always passed information down, and took it from higher up. So I appreciate your time spent on advice.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
One more tip - pay attention to error messages - check event logs.  And make google your friend - ESPECIALLY with quotes.  Not sure it you're aware, but googling an EXACT error message by putting it in quotes sometimes gets you better results than a 5 word search where the words could be anywhere.
Andrew PannelliStudentAuthor Commented:
I was not aware of the quotes deal in Google. I will definitly be using that from now on. Sometimes the results don't make much sense. Thank you.
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