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Word DOC File got Corrupted

I was making an assignment from last week and just completed it yesterday. Due to the power cut off, I can't save that file. But, today when I opened, all the 550 pages are there in the file. But, the information seems to be corrupted, as it is is in some other sign language type or I don't know what's that. Please help to recover the file, I want to get it done asap.

Thanks in Advance.
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Hello There

Can you please provide a screenshot of some of these special letters?
You can repair corrupted Word document file, along with all of its content by using Kernel for Word Repair tool. It is so advanced tool to repair corrupted Word document file of all versions. Visit to see its features and download the application.
Run Word application.
Click on file >> Open >> Computer >> browse >>  Brows to your file which is corrupted >>  hover mouse on it to select it (don't click) >>  Click on tools drop down >>  Open and Repair.

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I haven't taken any screenshot at that time when I found that special letters. And now when I try to open those file, it is not at all opening, and showing an error, 'Cannot open Microsoft Word document'.

Can you Run Word  from Start >> all programs ?

If no, try to repair it using this Troubleshooter page from Office Support.
Can you Run Word  from Start >> all programs ?

If no, try to repair it using this Troubleshooter page from Office Support.

If yes, try this Troubleshooting steps to try if you can open the damaged document.
1. Try to open the corrupted document from another computer.
2. Also you can try to make a copy of the corrupted file and open it.
3. Try OpenOffice to open and repair the corrupted document.

Check also this MS link. You can find some information under 'Troubleshooting steps to try if the damaged document does not open'.
Is this the only document showing the problem?  If not, you may have been hit with ransomware.

If it is in DOCX format, copy it, rename the extension to ZIP, and unzip it.  You may be able to recover the text from one of the files.
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If nothing above helps, you should download a trial version of any repair tool and see if it will be able to recover your document or at least its parts. If not, your document is probably lost for good. If yes, consider buying a full version. It's worth it.

Have you made a copy of your file? Performing any operations over this file might make it worse and worse until it will be irreparable.
Do tests only over the copy, not an original file!